I am now lending a helping hand for the girls’ ending.
This is an ephemeral and wistful story of girls called “fairy weapons” and a surviving “quasi-brave.”
In the world after the land is trampled down by unidentified monsters “beasts” and many tribes including human beings are destroyed, the tribes who have barely survived leave the land and are living in the flying archipelago called “regles-aile”
Willem-Kmetsch, waking up in the sky 500 years later, has lived like a hermit in despair, because he could not protect what he wanted to, or even worse, has survived alone when all others died. In the meantime, he encounters some girls through the job of weapon maintenance that he has started unexpectedly.
Chtholly-Nota-Seniorious is one of the fairy soldiers, a girl who can wield the strongest holy sword. In return, she is eventually doomed to lose her life. Having accepted such a fate, she starts to change her mind by encountering and becoming attracted to a young man Willem-Kmetsch. Nevertheless, she leaves for the battlefield, which is heart-wrenching.
What kind of ending will be waiting for this strong, but fragile “end-of-the-world heroine?”
Would it be alright if I wished to stay alive?
Would it be really alright if I had such a dream?

©2017 Akira Kareno /ue/KADOKAWA/68th island/Fairy Warehouse